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Open in 1950, David Amory Lown has called Cambridge-Essex "New York's 'Smithsonian' of collectibles" in the New York Source GuideLarge SelectionsWalking into the establishment is like visiting a pharoah's tomb.  The listings within this website are woefully incomplete; it just wouldn't be possible to fit a description of everything in the store on this website.  Whatever you collect, it's here for you, waiting to be discovered.

Amory Lown goes on to declare, "There are, amongst the authors' selections, the rare few who are the best of the best.  In those cases the reader will find them decorated with a crown."

Only a small handful, maybe a dozen or so, of the selections received such an honor.  Cambridge-Essex was one of them.

Collector ItemsWhether your passion is baseball, stamp collecting, antiques, photography, aviation, science, the Statue of Liberty, railroads, or any other of a plethora of other subjects, you're guaranteed to find that rare playbill, that impossible to find autographed hockey puck, or that unknown coin from the Civil War that you never knew existed.

There is well over a 50-year accumulation of items purchased from retired dealers, closed museums, and world-famous estates.  The true collectible historian, or knowledge seeker will have an experience of a lifetime at this spacious gallery.  All items are priced at just a tiny fraction of retail, auction, internet prices, and professional discount is offered.

This is a brief list of item top barely begins to scratch the surface of what's at Cambridge:


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